Renowned Georgia Land Use Attorneys

Sophisticated Georgia Land Use And Zoning Advocates

At Jenkins, Bowen and Walker, P.C., our attorneys possess sophisticated knowledge of land use and zoning regulations. We represent cities, counties, municipalities, companies and individuals with land use and zoning issues.

Our law firm is well-known throughout Georgia for handling these intricate litigation cases. Our attorneys have been involved in many of the key Supreme Court decisions that have shaped zoning laws in Georgia for the past 20 years. We provide advocacy statewide from Cartersville to Atlanta to the coastal plain area.

Zoning Expertise

At Jenkins, Bowen and Walker, P.C., we understand zoning issues. Counties and cities have a governmental interest in preserving their zoning statutes to protect neighboring property. Individuals and companies want to rezone for functionality and profitability. We can help with either issue.

Our attorneys are known throughout Georgia for their experience in zoning and land use matters. We represent local governments and private property owners across the state in lawsuits and help our clients obtain favorable results while avoiding litigation. In recognition of this, the Georgia Institute for Continuing Legal Education has asked members of our firm to chair and speak at the Georgia Bar Association's seminar on zoning law continuously since April 1987. Our partners are also routinely asked to speak at workshops and conferences hosted by the Georgia Association of Zoning Administrators and the Community Planning Institute.

Ordinance Experience

Our lawyers understand that zoning is a broad subject. We provide guidance to local governments on numerous specific ordinances. We advise local governments on how to draft ordinances to comply with state and federal constitutional guidelines and restrictions. We have extensive experience helping cities, counties and municipalities draft and adopt the following ordinances:

  • Adult entertainment
  • Signs (business, political, residential)
  • Billboards
  • Religious Land Use Institutionalized Persons Act (RLUIPA)

Legal Reviews

Our partners often provide in-depth legal reviews of zoning ordinances for local governments. Cities and counties often find their ordinances are not in compliance with specific regulations. Our firm offers assistance revising them and making the ordinances legally correct.

We review city and county zoning ordinances to ensure compliance. We possess extensive experience and knowledge in drafting compliant ordinances for local governments throughout Georgia. We also advise individuals regarding potential easements from local governments.

Consult Our Attorneys

You can reach our legal team at   770-387-1373. If more convenient, you may also send us an email. We serve clients in Bartow County and throughout Georgia.