Don’t Be Uninformed About The Nature Of Your Easement

A permanent utility or other type of easement might seem like a good way for you to receive money from the government with little cost on your end, but don't be too quick to sign any contracts. A permanent easement grants an agency permission to change aspects of your land, while you maintain ownership of it.

In addition to this, the agency would not have to pay you to destroy any improvements you might make after you sign the agreement. A temporary easement doesn't present the same kinds of issues, but it might not specify when the easement ends or if you can use your parking area, or even if you have rights to your front yard during the easement.

At Jenkins, Bowen and Walker, P.C., our lawyers know that the contract an agency presents you with might seem fair at face value, but it could contain vague wording that gives it extensive freedoms with your property. You might even be getting underpaid for the property access you are providing. We will negotiate a fair arrangement that does not cost you more than you agreed to.

Get The Deal You Deserve From Your Easement

In most easement agreements, the two parties involved won't agree on the value of the property in question. Considering this and the fact that the consequences can lower the cost of your property, it is critical to get fair compensation for your property use upfront. We can help you get the fair agreement you deserve.

If an agency or even the Georgia government is offering you an easement and you are not sure you are getting a fair deal, you need an attorney. If you are in Cartersville or the Bartow County area, contact us at   770-387-1373 so we can begin advocating for you today.