Proposed Standards for Special Approval Permits

1.         What is the effect of the proposed use on traffic and traffic safety along the adjoining streets?

2.         Are off-street parking facilities adequate?  Will they be properly located to reduce any negative impact on surrounding property uses?

3.         Will the number, size and type of signs proposed for the site have any negative impact on traffic or surrounding property uses?

4.         Is the open space adequate to preserve the character of the area and reduce environmental impacts?

5.         Is the screening adequate to protect adjacent uses from any negative impacts of the proposed use?

6.         Are there any negative environmental impacts which should be considered, for example, topography, special geological features, soil, water runoff, water pollution or contamination, wetlands, etc.?

7.         Are the hours and manner of operation of the proposed use compatible with surrounding uses?

8.         Can outdoor lighting be used so as not to interfere with surrounding uses?

9.         Does ingress and egress to the property reduce negative impacts of the proposed use or enhance safety?

10.       Is the proposed use compatible with adjacent uses?

11.       Is the proposed use consistent or inconsistent with the comprehensive plan?