Condemnation Trial Lawyers

Condemnation - TrucksHave you been contacted by a utility company who is taking your property for a highway or road project? A transmission line installation? A natural gas line project?

How well do you understand the process?

We are litigators experienced in handling condemnation matters and protecting the rights of property owners across the state.

Our Firm

Jenkins, Bowen and Walker, P.C. has years of experience representing property owners in condemnation matters.

We have found over the years that often a land owner is caught off guard when a major utility company approaches.

PipeWhether with news that their land is being taken for a road widening project, or that a natural gas line will bisect their property, or that utility poles and transmission lines are about to mark their horizons, we find that those who have never been involved in a condemnation case often aren't aware of their rights.

Jenkins, Bowen and Walker, P.C. has handled dozens of these cases, and we are well versed in explaining the facts about eminent domain, and in helping property owners understand the condemnation process, and their rights along the way.

We have had major successes in settling these matters on behalf of our clients when a fair market price can be negotiated with a utility company, and have even recovered business damages where warranted.

Condemnation - Transmission lineBut if an amicable settlement cannot be reached, partners Frank E. Jenkins, III, Brandon L. Bowen, and Robert L. Walker are very familiar with courtrooms across the state, and litigation is our specialty. We have seen quite a number of our cases through successful litigation in front of Georgia juries.

Our Partners

FRANK E. JENKINS, III is senior partner at Jenkins, Bowen and Walker, P.C. With more than 40 years' experience, he has handled in excess of 100 litigation cases involving zoning and land use issues. In his representation of individual property owners, Mr. Jenkins has brought many condemnation cases to successful settlement, and has also taken several matters through the trial court before Georgia juries.

BRANDON L. BOWEN has devoted his practice to representing property owners in government takings cases. He has represented private individuals and large corporations in the government acquisition of residential, agricultural, commercial and industrial properties throughout North Georgia and has obtained millions of dollars in compensation for his clients.

ROBERT L. WALKER became a partner at Jenkins, Bowen and Walker, P.C. in January, 2014. Mr. Walker has been actively involved in the negotiation of settlements as well as the trial of cases both as an associate and a partner with the firm.